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Please make sure you visit our pet photo galleries to see all lost/found pets reported to LAFPOLI:    Lost Found  |  Reunited

Welcome to LAFPOLI! 
If you've lost a pet or found a pet?  We can help!

First things first, click the GO button below to add your lost/found pet to LAFPOLI's commuity page. It's crucial you spread the work quickly and post your lost/found pet on our Facebook community page.

Post Your lost or found pet on LAFPOLI

Networking is key!  When you are part of LAFPOLI, you are NOT ALONE! If your pet goes missing, or you find a stray pet, LAFPOLI and our dedicated network of animal lovers all over Long Island will help spread the word quickly.  

Time is of the essence.   Now that you've submitted your lost/found pet to LAFPOLI, it's time to move on to the next few steps to help reunite your lost/found pet.  Click here for what to do next.

Pet ID Awareness!  Chip 'em  Tag 'em!  - LAFPOLI

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Flyers are key!  How to make a proper lost/found pet flyer!

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