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keep your pets sae this halloween

Welcome to LAFPOLI! 
If you've lost a pet or found a pet?  We can help!

First things first, click the GO button below to add your lost/found pet to LAFPOLI's community page. It's crucial you spread the work quickly and post your lost/found pet on our Facebook community page.

Post Your lost or found pet on LAFPOLI

Networking is key!  When you are part of LAFPOLI, you are NOT ALONE! If your pet goes missing, or you find a stray pet, LAFPOLI and our dedicated network of animal lovers all over Long Island will help spread the word quickly.  

Time is of the essence.   Now that you've submitted your lost/found pet to LAFPOLI, it's time to move on to the next few steps to help reunite your lost/found pet.  Click here for what to do next.


Halloween may be fun for children and adults alike, and yes even some of our pets who like to ham it up, but it can also be a very stressful and frightening day for MOST pets. Think about it: lots of strangers dressed up in what can be intimidating costumes, faces covered, knocking on your door and ringing your bell all day and night. Frequent strangers coming and going on your "pet's" property, running across the lawn, and isn't it his job (in his mind) to sound the alarm and chase the stranger away?

Please DON'T YELL at your dog for barking, be sensitive to his, well, being a dog! It's best to keep your dog and cat behind closed doors with a TV or radio on. If you crate your pet, keep the crate behind closed doors or in an area where he cannot see the front door. If you truly prefer to keep your dog out and about in your home (we do not recommend keeping your feline friend out), we strongly suggest you keep your pooch on a leash so he doesn't try to bolt or have the capability to run out and frighten young children standing on your porch. Keep in mind your dog is already stressed: a friendly dog-even your 10 lb. baby-can react aggressively if he feels threatened or senses fear. Again, he's just being a dog!

If you choose to trick-or-treat with your dog in tow (leashed and wearing ID), be cautious when people, especially children, ask to pet your adorable pup. Again, children and adults in costumes with masks, large hats, glasses, etc., can be frightening to him. Don't assume your pet will react friendly.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET UNATTENDED IN THE YARD! Especially if you have a chain-link fence where he can see people coming and going and BE SEEN. Unfortunately, Halloween is a notorious day where innocent animals are victims of vicious and malicious pranks. Also, dogs that are normally fine in your secure yard, may try to hop a fence, slip under a gate or dig their way out if stressed.

Yes, your pup or kitty may look adorable in that pumpkin costume, but does he really like it? Do not put pets in costumes that inhibit their ability to walk, run, or do their business. It's not fun for them, respect that! Take your quick photo, and remove any articles of clothing that may not be safe for them. Especially costumes with pieces they may try to ingest.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR PET ANY CANDY! Sugary and chocolaty sweets can be toxic and harmful to your pet. Give them their own treats!

PET POISON HELPLINE: 1 (855) 669 1281


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