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Your cat is missing.  Now what?


Time is always of the essence when an animal goes missing. First and foremost, report your missing cat to the shelter in your township as well as all town shelters, vets, animal hospitals and the like. VISIT the shelters--do not rely on info over the phone. Fax flyers including photos of your cat to local vets, etc.


Your missing cat could have inadvertently hitched a ride to another location via a vehicle. Also, it is sad to say, cats can also be picked up and "dumped" in remote or far off locations by a disgruntled person who does not like the neighborhood cats wandering on their property.


If your cat is microchipped, and hopefully he is, alert the microchip company immediately. If your chip is not registered at the time when your cat went missing, it is not too late! Activate the chip as quickly as possible.


Flyers are essential! Post flyers around your neighborhood and on the outer limits. Share with ALL nearby residents, kids and teens, postal carriers, landscapers, sanitation workers, UPS/Fed Ex drivers, etc... Post in high traffic areas such as schools, train stations, ball fields, stores, pizzerias, bagel stores, 7-11, etc.


Sprinkle your cat's (used) kitty litter around your property line.*Leave your cat's uncleaned litter box outside.*Leave unwashed clothing items of yours or a family members outside. If you have another pet, have the pet lay or sleep on a blanket and place the blanket outside as well. (This will help your cat trace its scent.)*Set up a trap with an opened can of tuna inside of it along with unwashed clothing items/blankets near it and inside it. Watch the trap at sun up and sun down when your cat is more than likely to come out of hiding if that is the case. *Listen for your cat at night, when all is quiet, as he may feel more comfortable coming out of hiding and approaching the house. (We have heard from several owners that their lost cat returned to their homes in the evening.) If possible and it does not pose a safety risk, leave a door slightly ajar, in case the cat comes back when your asleep and decides to come in the house by him/her self.


Cats tend to hide, especially frightened indoor cats. Indoor cats tend to hide close by. Leave no stone unturned! Check places such as under decks, in garages, sheds, inside basement window wells, under covered lawn furniture or covered BBQs, in bushes, up trees...if they can fit in it, under it, behind it--check it! You will need the help of all local residents to help you in your search efforts as your cat could be hiding on their property or trapped inside their garage. It happens. *Wooded areas pose another location to search as animals are usually drawn to these areas due to the many different unique scents there from other animals.


Speak to the kids in your neighborhood! They are out and about riding bikes, skateboards, hanging out--they know more than you think! Enlist their help, offer a small reward!*You may also report your lost cat on other lost and found facebook pages, websites, Craigslist, lost and found sections of the newspapers, etc. Get the word out there!

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