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Found a pet on Long Island

You found a stray pet, now what?   First things first, IMMEDIATELY GET THEM SCANNED FOR A MICROCHIP.  You can bring the pet to any shelter or veterinarian and they will scan them for you AT NO CHARGE.  If the pet has an up-to-date registered microchip, the scan will reveal the owner's contact information and you can reunite the pet quickly.

If the pet does not have a microchip, first and foremost, it must be reported to the local municipal shelters, veterinarians and animal hospitals and even the nearby police precinct (DO NOT CALL 911). 

You should carefully create discreet flyers, and post the pet on LAFPOLI'S community Facebook page to circulate the info quickly throughout our network.  

Ensure the pet's safety!  Don't reveal too much!

Limit the description of the pet and simply include the following information:

    • Gender
    • Date
    • Street
    • Town the animal was found in
    • Your phone number and email


    • Color of collar (if pet is wearing one) 
    • Distinct markings (ie: all black with one white paw)
    • Unique characteristics (ie: one blue eye, one brown eye or spotted tongue)
  • When and if you are sharing a photo, remove collar (if wearing one) and any pet apparel from the animal first!
    (Of course, be sure animal is in a secure environment before removing collar.  You do not want him/her to escape again.)
    Be careful sharing photos on Craigslist and the like...use discretion.

  • Do not share a full body shot that may depict markings such as white-tipped paws, etc.

If you are computer savvy and can do so, you may want to make the photo black and white to conceal coloring.

We want the owner to describe the pet to you!
Do NOT relinquish an animal to ANYONE without proof-of-ownership such as vet papers/receipts, photos of pet (preferably with owner in picture), AKC papers, etc!


Keep in mind that flyers are essential!

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